Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Very Trying!

It is really hard to take yourself seriously, well any theory that you propose, when you cannot even devote the time to sketch it out in a convincing manner. I have been tooling with the draft of a research paper for far too long than I care to admit and I don’t think I have made much progress. Of course, the easy thing would be to blame it all on my fifteen-week old son… but I don’t think soliciting his intellectual contribution will further the cause of this doomed enterprise. Really! I think I need to exercise some discipline to make this three-ring circus work. While we are on that subject I don’t think I have put out a serious research note with any degree of perspicuity in the last two months. It has been the usual pedantic stuff. Suffice to say that I have just been driving on fumes. Even the STATA project at the University is stuck in second gear. Some days I am left with this immense sense of nothing! And I don’t know why? I am tired as hell!