Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dilli Door-O-Dusth

Yes, it's been a while getting that blog out. Between getting back to school (yes, I am back plugging away at that ol' PhD. again), juggling the job and trying hard as hell to get into shape, I haven't had much time in recent weeks.

Amid all that, C in London had me working on some new analytics package he is trying to sell to clients in Europe. I had a one-day notice on that. I threw together a couple of options pieces, a few macro articles, the odd strategy, laid it all over a composite fx forecast, laced liberally with event and data calendars for emerging markets, Australasia, Europe and North America and voila! Hope it does the trick.

Having said, that I find myself doing less and less intra-day stuff; my forecasts have been going more medium-term over the last few days. Concomitantly, my input into the next quarterly fx outlook is sure to be scaled back. Meanwhile, I am working on a macro-piece on oil. I'll have to bring on J and CMC on board for their tech view. Don't know how they’ll respond… Guess, the blog will have to wait a bit more… Oh, Well! Dilli Door-O-Dusth.