Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What Was I Thinking?!

The usual result of a man’s cohabitation with a woman is to make him a trifle more petty, a little more mean, a shade more shallow than he used to be and all together lacking in substance. I recall being able to say profound things in such funny ways without making the effort and being light on my feet and possessing a certain savoir faire... And now I am just a middling slob concerned mainly about getting through the week, wearing laundered clothes to work and sleeping in late on Saturday mornings. I am concerned about what people actually think of me and worry if it is bad form to turn up at a wedding without my wedding band on my ring finger.

Used to be that I could knock back a couple of Patiallas without a second thought. Now I vex about “not” appearing drunk. I am less intense and more inattentive to things around me. Maybe I am not drinking enough. Hand me a chotta, yaar….